Building construction technology

Great technology is no longer an afterthought. We believe all work environments are technology environments.

We believe all business environments are technology environments. This means that not only do we have the multi-disciplinary expertise and specialised skills to deliver highly engineered environments in the technology, science and health sectors, we are also dedicated to challenging the traditional technology delivery model with our world-leading office and retail fit out teams. Our differentiated technology expertise reflects our commitment to smarter construction solutions for our customers, from award-winning design through to technical delivery and everlasting legacy.

Critical infrastructure

We understand that working and living in a technology-led world means the failure or disruption of certain services can result in major consequences for our clients. We have established an international track record for delivering critical engineering projects for our clients across the finance, media and technology, research and development, education and healthcare sectors. Our market-leading position is maintained by our passion for engineering-led teams and our tried-and-tested dynamic solutions to support our clients’ business drivers.

Our portfolio of projects includes the construction and upgrade of datacentres, laboratories, clean rooms and processing facilities, as well as the renewal of critical infrastructure, such as boilers and chillers. We are also experts in delivering sustainable initiatives including solar devices and other energy-efficient solutions.

Technical fit out

We are the go-to contractor for highly technical fit out requirements

With the onset of global connectivity and the continual development of new technology, we recognise the demand for technical solutions is reaching new heights for businesses. As the market-leader in office fit out and with an enviable track record for engineering services, we are the go-to contractor for highly technical fit out requirements. We have extensive experience in future-proofing your business with the latest technology including state-of-the-art audio visual systems, virtual meeting installations such as telepresence and halo rooms, fibre optic installations, structured data cabling and converged IP networking.

Testing and commissioning

Commtech Asia, part of the ISG Group, provides independent commissioning management and associated services to all industries reliant on mechanical and electrical building services systems for business operations. We have established business units strategically located across the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East to provide diverse coverage for our clients.

Building Information Modelling

In 2018, our BIM (Building Information Modelling) team doubled in size to 25, reflecting not only the increased demand from clients for better performing, more easily operable and maintainable buildings, but also our own commitment to driving efficiency through investment in technology, and using BIM to enhance performance and safety on site, and our customers’ experience.

We further demonstrated our commitment to embracing technology by securing the BSI Kitemark certification for BIM Level 2, to PAS1192:2-2013 and BS1192:4 standard. The accreditation refers specifically to project delivery, where information is used to improve not only the efficiency of the design and construction process, but also enhance the efficient management of building services in operation, and improve the building occupation experience of our customers.

Award-winning BIM team: A model for success

Our commitment to developing and using technology to improve construction performance was recognised by the North West Regional Construction Awards in the UK. We received the Digital Construction Award for the development of our BIM Level 2 processes, automating the collection and input of data from our supply chain into the Asset Information Model (AIM) for a school in Manchester.

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BIM Award - ISG
Two-tier BIM - ISG

‘We need to tackle two-tier system of BIM adoption’

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is an ever-widening gulf between those organisations that are fully signed-up members of the BIM club, and those that want to begin their journey, and perhaps more frequently than we’d like to admit, those businesses that simply can’t get out of the starting blocks.

The effect of piecemeal training and implementation has created a two-tier system, with elite supply chain partners benefitting, and the remainder left without the resource, time and investment to embark on this journey…

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Shifting perceptions to transform Prop Tech

The ideas and innovation from digitally native generations, unencumbered by historical practices and philosophies, are challenging the normative narrative that says: ‘we’ve always done it that way – so why change?’

This is incredibly exciting for organisations that embrace and thrive on dynamic change and innovation, providing the opportunity to elevate our industry as an aspirational career choice for the brightest and best from the global talent pool.

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PropTech Paul Cossell - ISG
Dealing with digital disruption - ISG

Dealing with digital disruption

The future of construction is increased collaboration and integration between customers, contractors and their supply chain specialists. Construction companies need to cease operating within silos and break down the redundant practices, which fail to embrace their supply chains and bring them to the top table.

For this vision to come to fruition, there needs to be a transformational shift in how clients procure, how contractors engage and how the supply chain accelerates its uptake of technology and digital principles.

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Talking tech innovation in Hong Kong

Our managing director in North Asia, Tim Threlkeld, took the stage at a recent annual leadership conference to deliver a TED Talk-inspired presentation about ISG’s latest technological innovations around the world.

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Talking Tach Innovation - ISG

Our experience

We have a long-standing and unrivalled experience in providing construction services across a range of sectors. Whether we are working for global retailers, education providers, government institutions, world-renowned companies, or delivering groundbreaking research and development facilities, it is one of our four corporate goals to provide the best customer experience in our industry, before, during, and after project delivery. Learn more about our sectorised approach by visiting the following links.

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