George Saba

"I have no doubt that ISG's graduate programme is a fantastic stepping stone in my career."

ISG has a lasting track record and reputation for delivering outstanding projects and providing excellent service, which inspired me to join the company’s ongoing journey. After learning more about the company, I knew ISG’s graduate programme would give me the opportunity to develop my knowledge in the construction industry.

I have a degree in Civil Engineering with Sustainability and an MSc in Structural Engineering, and the past two-years on the graduate programme have helped me develop on both a personal and professional level. I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects ranging from refurbishments to new builds, government-funded and private projects. I’ve also worked on tender, handover and defects periods. The variety of tasks and jobs have enhanced my leadership, management, problem-solving, technical and commercial skills.

One of the biggest benefits on the graduate programme is the rotation scheme. This was invaluable during the programme and I now have an even greater appreciation for the various teams and departments. The rotations involved moving into a new department every few months working on different projects with new teams. This was challenging, but very motivating.

My day-to-day responsibilities are always changing. I’m currently working as an assistant construction manager on the Lime Street regeneration project in Liverpool. This role can take me anywhere from planning current and future logistical activities to ensuring the site is running efficiently, understanding the impact on the community, managing refurbishments of main units, through to owning various work packages on the new development. In addition, on behalf of the site team I ensure that our BREEAM and community investment targets are met.

Aside from further developing my professional skills, the programme connects graduates from around the country regularly, and the company puts on a two-day induction event off site. The event included courses, talks and activities, all which connected us with our peers across the UK. Most of us are still in touch now, even though we’ve completed our programmes.

The graduate programme was a great experience, and I have no doubt that this programme is a fantastic stepping stone in my career at ISG.


  • Strategy games enthusiast
  • Travel lover
  • Avid swimmer
  • Former captain of high school basketball team