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Building on strong foundations

Integrated thinking for a sustainable future

Our vision is to become the world’s most dynamic construction services company, delivering places that help people and businesses thrive.

“Our move to integrated reporting is an important part of our journey to drive integrated thinking and secure ISG’s long-term position as leaders in the construction services industry, creating value for our business and society.”

Paul Cossell, Chief Executive Officer, ISG

2018 performance at a glance

ISG’s record results demonstrate the efficiency of our technology and specialism-led approach, that places our customers and our people at the heart of our long-term strategic vision.

Here are some of our highlights:

People...who thrive in our business
ISG's performance
  • ‘One to Watch’ Best Companies b-Heard survey
  • Top 50 on TheJobCrowd’s Top 100 companies lists for Graduates and Apprentices
  • 7,246 training days delivered globally
  • 1.62 Accident Incident Rate (AIR)

Performance…we can be proud of
ISG's performance
  • £2.2bn revenue
  • £38.5m underlying PBT
  • 56% revenue from repeat customers
  • +35 Net Promoter Score

Communities…better for knowing us
ISG's performance
  • £348k fundraising, pro bono and gift in kind donations
  • 3,890 apprentice weeks provided
  • 6,419 students engaged
  • 9 Considerate Constructors Scheme national site awards

Environments…protected and enhanced
ISG's performance
  • -39% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • -17.4% reduction in construction waste
  • 96.9% diversion of waste from landfill
  • 52.2% projects completed to environmental assessment certification standards

All 4 by 24 : an integrated business strategy

In 2018, our decision to produce an integrated report set us on a path of re-evaluating our material issues and developing a business strategy that will not only support our profitability, but also enable us to create value for our business, our industry and our world. As we progress to create purpose beyond profit, we have turned our attention to achieving all four of our corporate goals by 2024 – ‘All 4 by 24’.

How ISG creates value

This business model demonstrates how ISG uses financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social and natural capital to support our four corporate goals, and create value for our business, our industry and our world.

Our goals

We want our people to make their mark, reach their goals, and know their value.

Being part of #TeamISG means being part of a company that prides itself on being dynamic, entrepreneurial and inventive.

We engage and value our people, investing in their development, and together, giving back to the communities where we work.

To achieve our goal, in 2019 we are focused on:

  • Attracting talent and enabling business growth
  • Retaining and developing talent to ensure organisational resilience
  • Optimising our performance
  • Expanding our social value programme to enhance the employment and skills of the communities where we work

By keeping customers’ needs at the forefront, we are better placed to address our material issues, reduce our risks, and create value.

Our people play a vital role in providing the best customer experience in the industry, and by upskilling and empowering them to live by our four values, we will deliver thriving places that meet our customers' needs now and in the future.

To achieve our goal, our priorities in 2019 are:

  • Expand our client development programme and embed a customer-focused culture within the business
  • Roll out our new client culture training module and embed the behaviours of respect, humility, responsibility and inclusivity
  • Implement a proactive knowledge management infrastructure
  • Make improvements to and remove waste from our products, processes and services

Operational efficiency is key to achieving our vision. It enables us to add value for our people and our customers, support investment in research and development to drive change in our industry, and provides the means to create value for our business and society.

To achieve our goal, in 2019 we are committed to:

  • Reviewing our financial measures and driving cost-conscious thinking and behaviours
  • Identify and implement measures to prevent margin erosion
  • Proactive supply chain engagement on responsible procurement and resource efficiency
  • Improving cohesion across teams, allowing seamless delivery for clients

We encourage everyone in #TeamISG to share their ideas and suggestions to improve the way we work.

As climate change impacts our business, our customers, and our supply chain, we are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in line with the level of decarbonisation required to keep global temperature increase below 2°C.

To achieve our goal, in 2019 we will begin to:

  • Scope our emissions from procured goods and services, and work with supply chain partners to identify efficiencies
  • Invest in research and development of technologies for efficient construction
  • Procure energy from 100% renewable tariffs across our global operations
  • Invest in carbon offsetting initiatives that support communities through prioritising local renewable energy supply

Towards 2024

In our commitment to creating places that help people and businesses thrive, we continue to driving the sustainability agenda through our own operations to meet the present and future needs of our customers and communities.

To find out more about ‘All 4 by 24’, take a look at our integrated Annual Report 2018 below.

Please contact us to discuss how we can support your sustainable business agenda.